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Joining A Fanclub: Little Mistakes' Journal

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Hello everyone!

Bet none of you expected this community to ever update again, huh? (Who all is still in it, anyway? Anyone? Ah, meh) Actually, I hadn't planned to. But I come bearing some good news; after a year and a half long hiatus, Little Mistakes will be updating with an explanation next week (brief explanation...plus you guys get to see my new haircut!) followed by a birthday art special featuring the ENTIRE cast on the 26th; and regular weekly updates will commence starting in February.

Remember to check back here for more detailed update information, and I'm sorry again for the long wait. I hope you enjoy the rest of the concert arc and stay tuned for a flashback to Jade's past, the Alexi mini-disc, and a maaaaajor site overhaul ^_^. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005



Go! Check it out! Apply! Be craaaazy!

Friday, July 30, 2004


Hey everyone! Hope you've been enjoying the comic! Sorry about the missed updates in the couple of weeks after the convention, I was preoccupied with, like...getting a new car since the other one blew up. Curses....ahem. But I hope you enjoyed the end of the concert sequence! Coming up: three backstage comics, a filler one, and then Alexi's mini-disc begins! Yay!

Now, since you've all be voting and stuff (I can tell, I'm still in the top 40 consistantly!) I figured you deserved presents. So here you go!

What's that song they're singing?Collapse )

And now, because I'm a loser, enjoy comupter generated art!

Yes, I AM a loser for making dolls of the cast. Sue me.Collapse )

Sunday, June 27, 2004

12:20AM - FINALLY!!!

All right!!!!!!!!!!

So. The whole long story can be found on the site, BUT! The big news is:

I got my art back and I'm at home so LM has updated again!!!!

Yep. I changed the dates on all the comics I'd done back in January and February because there were so many, so they're updating now on the Wednesday-Saturday schedule. This will hopefully continue through till July, at which point with any luck I will have a large portion of the mini disc featuring Alexi up and ready to update during August. In the meantime I'm going to hopefully FINISH revamping the site and at the same time get Silver Nexus up and running...the pages are done, the site just isn't ^_^.

In other news (not like the tiny amount of you on here don't already know), I'm heading to Anime Expo in California this week. The comic will update while I'm gone (amazing concept, we get to see the girls PLAYING THEIR INSTRUMENTS) so don't worry. We're going into the concert sequence now, which will last 4 comics, plus three post-performance strips and one plain gag one before Alexi's story starts. With any luck, his disc shall get me through moving back to college and the start of school. Next year I'm NOT hooking into the school system so I won't be subject to the firewalls. Yay for being able to update!

Anyway. Yeah. Anyone on here other than the three people I know personally here, if you're going to be at A-X, keep an eye out for the girl in the Tomoyo outfit with the camera or the one in the Sabrina from Pokemon outfit with the doll, and say hi to me! No go! Read! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

2:03AM - Random thingie regarding music

I'll be starting up something where I burn everyone CDs of the music that inspires and plays throughout "Little Mistakes" sometime soon. It won't be for profit, and they'll be mix CDs so it's all legal. Anyway, while thinking about that (and working on sketching February's first comic, where the concert starts) I realized that I have a full album's worth of songs and melodies and titles for the girl's album. Here they are!

1. Best Mistake
2. Never Never Never
3. Live For You
4. Year of the Dragon
5. Invisible Silence
6. Never Words
7. The Source of Controversy
8. Without You Forever
9. Dilandau Ode
10. Nuriko Wa Nuriko Da Yo
11. Lasts For A Bit (Identity)
12. White Magic
13. I'm Perfect
14. Cyril

"Cyril" is what Jade's singing in the concert, by the way. I'll post all the lyrics to it once the comic goes up. And insofar as the mix CDs go, a few of them I'll be putting a live performance of the only LM song ever performed yet, "Never Never Never," on there.

Hope you all have been enjoying the recent comics! 3 consistant updates, and still going strong! ^_^.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

1:21PM - Whoopsie!

Totally forgot to tell you all...the comic finally updated!!!!!! Go see!!! And tomorrow should see today's update going up (my computer clock is wanky, man, it's saying it's Friday still). I'M BACK, BABY!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

10:30PM - Here's hoping...

All right, everyone, cross your fingers. The scanners at CSB are working now, so tonight I scanned in those 10 comics I have finished and uploaded them. With any luck, Little Mistakes SHOULD update tomorrow. If not...well, I'll just kindly die then ^_^. I'm holding off on the new gallery pieces for a bit, I want to make sure they're perfect first. And I'm fixing the site so it's set up a little better and the broken links are fixed (except the three missing comics from this time last year, STILL haven't rescanned those...I'm lazy, yeah) so keep an eye out!

And in random news, Jessica Rabbit's outfit is much harder to draw than it looks. And the rest of the Halloween art special this year? It hates me. Meh.

Monday, October 20, 2003


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What Yaoi are you going to star in? by silentside
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Seeing as [Unknown LJ tag] now says that LM is "Gravitation meets Yugi Oh!"...heheh

Saturday, October 4, 2003

11:27PM - Update update

Well. I am now officially 3 weeks ahead on LM comics, all drawn and waiting to be inked and scanned. So once the scanners in the library start working, all will be well!

I'll also be putting up 3-4 new pieces of artwork that I've been meaning to for months now...a CLAMP tribute featuring Dia and Amber in COLOR (*Gasp!* They're never in color except Alexi and MAXchange!), one with Alexi and Drek (mmm, yaoi...also in color too!), if I'm done a picture of Jade and Amber on their classical instruments which features the Best Damn Things I've Ever Drawn In My Life, ie Jade's left hands, and a gorgeous pic I drew tonight inspired by Fuan in Under The Glass Moon. It's sad, though, be forewarned.

So it's all up to the school scanners now. Wish them luck on fixing those things so I can get going again! I've got half the disk storyboarded out now, through the first concert, and then I'll probably break for the minidisk...or be late trying to figure out what happens after the concert, one of the two ^_^.

-Sabrina, Empress of Insanity

Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Today, LM is 21...getting closer to the top 10 yo ^_^

Friday, September 19, 2003

1:17PM - And the Site of the Moment is...

Right now, Little Mistakes is the Site of the Moment on the Keenspace top 100!!!! And it's moved up to 26th! yay!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2003

3:48PM - 75???


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Wednesday, September 10, 2003


My apologies, everyone...I haven't gotten the scanner code I need yet to use the campus scanners, so the comic is late. Still. I get the code tomorrow, though, so updates will resume on Saturday!

And thanks for the news, Catherine! Yay, people vote for me!!!

-Sabrina, Empress of Insanity

2:06PM - LM Ranking

YHEEEE! I just voted for Little Mistakes & it's number 14!!! Whooooooooooo!! GO SABRINA! Kay, that's all I had to say for now.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2003

12:25AM - La Li Ho!

Hi Bena-chan!!!!!

~Pinky Rose Lee, ...uh...don't have a title yet....o_o

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Sunday, August 31, 2003


What Is Your Battle Cry?

Striding across the wasteland, swinging a sharpened screwdriver, cometh Littlemistakes! And she gives a mighty howl:

"Ares, God of War, be praised! Skulls will be fucked for Satan!"

Find out!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

12:48AM - Back!

Hey everyone! Well, I'm moved in to college now...classes start tomorrow, so I can get a kit to connect Eclipse to the internet again and get back on the ball with the comic! I should be updating in the first week of September....hopefully Wednesday, definitely by Saturday. I apologize, the comic is done, but tis crap indeed due to inking it while sleep deprived. The next ones will be nicer and less...um...crappy.

Anyway, there we go!

-Sabrina, Empress of Insanity

Monday, August 18, 2003


Right. So, apparently the update didn't go up, but...sorry, everyone, I've been packing for college and stuff this month, and I start moving in this next week. So Little Mistakes is on hiatus. Sorry! I'll be back in September once I've gotten settled in ^_^.

Also, I got approval for Silver Nexus and Angelic Moons...so look for Angelic Moons going up sometime this next month, and Silver Nexus in January. That one will update fairly simply...just once a month I'll put up a chapter, or half a chapter. Whatever. Little Mistakes is still what I'm focusing on for now ^_^.

See you all in September!

-Sabrina, Empress of Insanity

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