Sabrina (jupiter_star) wrote in littlemistakes,

Update update

Well. I am now officially 3 weeks ahead on LM comics, all drawn and waiting to be inked and scanned. So once the scanners in the library start working, all will be well!

I'll also be putting up 3-4 new pieces of artwork that I've been meaning to for months now...a CLAMP tribute featuring Dia and Amber in COLOR (*Gasp!* They're never in color except Alexi and MAXchange!), one with Alexi and Drek (mmm, yaoi...also in color too!), if I'm done a picture of Jade and Amber on their classical instruments which features the Best Damn Things I've Ever Drawn In My Life, ie Jade's left hands, and a gorgeous pic I drew tonight inspired by Fuan in Under The Glass Moon. It's sad, though, be forewarned.

So it's all up to the school scanners now. Wish them luck on fixing those things so I can get going again! I've got half the disk storyboarded out now, through the first concert, and then I'll probably break for the minidisk...or be late trying to figure out what happens after the concert, one of the two ^_^.

-Sabrina, Empress of Insanity
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