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Random thingie regarding music

I'll be starting up something where I burn everyone CDs of the music that inspires and plays throughout "Little Mistakes" sometime soon. It won't be for profit, and they'll be mix CDs so it's all legal. Anyway, while thinking about that (and working on sketching February's first comic, where the concert starts) I realized that I have a full album's worth of songs and melodies and titles for the girl's album. Here they are!

1. Best Mistake
2. Never Never Never
3. Live For You
4. Year of the Dragon
5. Invisible Silence
6. Never Words
7. The Source of Controversy
8. Without You Forever
9. Dilandau Ode
10. Nuriko Wa Nuriko Da Yo
11. Lasts For A Bit (Identity)
12. White Magic
13. I'm Perfect
14. Cyril

"Cyril" is what Jade's singing in the concert, by the way. I'll post all the lyrics to it once the comic goes up. And insofar as the mix CDs go, a few of them I'll be putting a live performance of the only LM song ever performed yet, "Never Never Never," on there.

Hope you all have been enjoying the recent comics! 3 consistant updates, and still going strong! ^_^.
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