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All right!!!!!!!!!!

So. The whole long story can be found on the site, BUT! The big news is:

I got my art back and I'm at home so LM has updated again!!!!

Yep. I changed the dates on all the comics I'd done back in January and February because there were so many, so they're updating now on the Wednesday-Saturday schedule. This will hopefully continue through till July, at which point with any luck I will have a large portion of the mini disc featuring Alexi up and ready to update during August. In the meantime I'm going to hopefully FINISH revamping the site and at the same time get Silver Nexus up and running...the pages are done, the site just isn't ^_^.

In other news (not like the tiny amount of you on here don't already know), I'm heading to Anime Expo in California this week. The comic will update while I'm gone (amazing concept, we get to see the girls PLAYING THEIR INSTRUMENTS) so don't worry. We're going into the concert sequence now, which will last 4 comics, plus three post-performance strips and one plain gag one before Alexi's story starts. With any luck, his disc shall get me through moving back to college and the start of school. Next year I'm NOT hooking into the school system so I won't be subject to the firewalls. Yay for being able to update!

Anyway. Yeah. Anyone on here other than the three people I know personally here, if you're going to be at A-X, keep an eye out for the girl in the Tomoyo outfit with the camera or the one in the Sabrina from Pokemon outfit with the doll, and say hi to me! No go! Read! Enjoy!
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